ECG Top Tips – Your phone could save your life!

Could your phone help save your life?

As a paramedic, I spent many years attending patients who had collapsed and I had no access to their medical history or contact details for their next of kin, until they regained consciousness.


Why should community pharmacies consider buying an automated external defibrillator (AED)?

For over 12 years now we have been training community pharmacists in their vaccination skills, as part of the courses we also cover CPR & anaphylaxis. We meet these same healthcare professionals every year and review when they may have used their skills, especially in managing an emergency.


Leading a Medical Emergency in Primary Care

Fortunately medical emergencies in Primary Care are not a day to day occurrence but when they do happen they are stressful and time critical. The abilities of the team and the team leader have a real impact on the outcomes for the patient. The role of team leader may sometimes need to be shared amongst a few members of staff but is essential that on any given day there is someone ready to take the lead.


Tips on reconstituting vaccines

It gets a bit more complicated when you move from providing flu vaccines to travel vaccines, on our Vaccine Courses we will always cover how to do this, but it takes practise! Some vaccines are supplied in a pre-filled syringe, others need to be reconstituted before use. Vaccines should be reconstituted when required, not in advance of an immunisation session, to avoid errors and maintain vaccine efficacy and stability.

To reconstitute…


Setting up a Travel Health Clinic in your pharmacy

Have you looked at the ETool? (via Pharmadoctor)

As travel health clinics have become an increasingly common feature of pharmacies in recent years, the time is right for a new modern way of offering patients this service. The ETool is an innovative, digital system designed to help pharmacists set up a private travel vaccination clinic with minimum fuss and investment.


The future of Digital Health in the pharmacy sector

Technology is forever becoming a more integral part of our lives both personally and professionally. There are many different types of technology available to us and in this blog we look at some of those that are impacting the pharmacy sector.


Minimising the risk of needlestick injuries in vaccination

A few tips to help minimise the risk of needlestick injuries, we have written these for Pharmacists who do not vaccinate regularly or who maybe have become complacent – it’s all too easy to sustain a needlestick injury so we hope these help:


Dealing with the Anxious Patient

As Healthcare Professionals we often find ourselves in situations where we will be dealing with unwell or injured patients who naturally because of the way that they are feeling will be anxious. So much so that it may be necessary to treat the anxiety before being able to assess and treat them properly.


Recording an ECG – Top Tips for Getting It Right.

The 12 lead Electrocardiograph (ECG) is the most common cardiac investigation carried out.


Strep A Blog

Strep A and Sore Throats

ECG will now be offering Strep A Test & Treat Training for no extra cost to those attending our full Vaccination Courses. Please check out the following blog to read all about this exciting venture!