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The importance of First Aid is evident. It is the fundamental principle of giving assistance and treatment to someone who has been taken ill or injured. We at ECG Training understand the importance of this fundamental principle, and whenever we deliver our First Aid Training, we repeat and reiterate this point.

It seems to be apparent that some people seem to be scared of giving first aid to a stranger, as they believe they could be sued. It’s important to reiterate that there has not been a single successful prosecution in the United Kingdom in where someone has been sued for providing First Aid. In the Human Rights Act, specifically article 2, it is an absolute right to preserve life or save a life. This article, which is embedded into UK legislation, cannot be altered, it cannot be changed as it is an absolute. Some of the other human rights articles are limited but article 2 , the right to life and to save a life can never be changed.

We must remember that we are providing First Aid Training as the INITIAL ASSISTANCE to an injured or ill casualty and adhering to the three P’s principles.  The three P’s are as follows:

1) Preserve Life- The most important aspect is to keep the casualty alive.

2) Prevent the Condition Worsening- To

identify the problem and try to prevent the condition from deteriorating

3) Promote Recovery-These are steps and processes used to help the casualty to recover, or for the emergency services to assist and take over.

The three P’s is the founding method in using first aid to assist a casualty. It is important that each step is performed in order, to try to aid recovery.

The key to successful First Aid is confidence, to take control of the situation, to be brave enough to help. We at ECG Training cannot state enough how, you, the first aider will have such a positive effect on someone’s life, and the life of their family and friends.

Laura Kennedy Clinical Development Manager, ECG Training, Thursday 5th May 2022