Adult ADHD Screening Service

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Pharmacists can join our team of clinicians undertaking ADHD assessments. They will undergo a 2-day online webinar training course hosted by our Multi-disciplinary team. Clinical supervision will be offered ongoing as you start your journey.

Appropriate patients

The service is applicable to adults aged 18-60 years. (Further progression into assessments for children is a possibility at a later stage if the pharmacist develops sufficient experience and has the correct environment for the assessment).

Assessment Process

Patients will be booked in directly from the Pharmacy and we will also refer patients to their local store directly if they contact us. The assessment should take up to 3 hours and is face to face. A computer will be required in the room as one test undertaken involves the use of a computer. The Pharmacist will collect all the relevant information and will then send their report back to our Head Office team.


The diagnosis for the patient will come from us at Head Office (using our CQC registration). The report sent by the Pharmacist is reviewed by our Multi-Disciplinary Team and if further clarification is required, our team will contact the patient directly. Once a diagnosis has been made, they will receive a phone call and full report from our team. Should the patient wish to consider medication, our Prescribing Team will undertake a Medication Review and if appropriate issue a private prescription to be dispensed back at the original pharmacy.

Clinical Governance & Standards

Our processes follow NICE Guidelines and best practice. We use all the recommended tools and processes for the assessment of ADHD. We will provide SOPs, CQC registration, Safeguarding procedures etc and the full oversight of our Clinical Governance Team. Our extremely experienced Mental Health team are on hand to provide additional support at any stage, particularly with patients with complex histories. Annual clinical supervision is required to ensure standards remain high.


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