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  1. We laugh.

Laughing is much a good tonic, and we share so many laughs at ECG. We like to have fun where we can, play little tricks on each other and do some crazy things at times. Every day our office is filled with laughter. It is a dream.

  • We talk.

We try and create an open-door policy where anyone in the team can come and chat about their concerns, frustrations or worries when they need to. Work life balance is important to us so we work as flexibility as we can with our team. We move resources to help those who are feeling overwhelmed with workload. It is a real team effort.

  • We celebrate.

Those who follow us on social media will probably notice the constant prosecco! However, we do always stop (even just for 10 mins) and congratulate the team for so many reasons. It is good to step away from your computers and reflect on the positive things.

  • We support.

In the past year, more than ever, there has been so much personal trauma and bereavement within our team, it has been very challenging for everyone. As a team, we support each other, show kindness, and give people the space they need in difficult times.

  • We listen.

We listen to staff concerns, we listen to their aspirations and how we can support them to grow whilst maintaining a healthy work life balance

How is your team doing??

Written by Jane Lambert (CEO ECG Training), Tuesday 11th May 2021