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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin.

This is a quote that pretty much sums up what teaching at ECG feels like for me. Working with ECG isn’t just about teaching. It’s also about involving students and asking their feedback in order to give the best to them. Being a trainer at ECG provides you with a great sense of accomplishment as it allows you to upskill delegates who will go on to vaccinate many patients to fight against this pandemic. As a community pharmacist, the opportunity to teach a group of delegates is considerably slim. Teaching at ECG has enabled me to develop on my public speaking skills such as confident body language, clear tonality and enthusiasm to keep the energy level high in the room. Working with them has allowed me to teach fellow healthcare professionals and pharmacy team members. My most memorable moment is when I first taught dispensers and counter assistants to vaccinate. It showed me that we are all in this together and coming together to fight the pandemic. ECG prepares delegates with the right tools to make a difference in this current climate. 

Being a trainer at ECG is also being part of a family. At ECG, although most of your communication is virtual, you develop a true friendship with the staff. You are looked after and it’s a very positive environment to work in. The staff are very organised and are always happy to help if needed. Your value to the company is recognised which is a “game changer” for community pharmacists. If you have a growth mindset and looking for an amazing opportunity, you should become part of ECG Training. You won’t be disappointed and will love every moment!

Written by Arun Nadarasa, (Pharmacist and Trainer at ECG Training), Monday 26th July 2021.