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The Covid-19 vaccination programme has now started for children aged 12-15 years here in Greens Norton!

We hope that by vaccinating this age group they will need less time off school and reduce the risk of spread at school and home. The decision to vaccinate children was made by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) on public health grounds.

Here at Greens Norton Community Centre we are lucky to be able to provide a separate area for children’s vaccinations, this self-contained unit has a relaxing environment with toilets and rest area for recovery after.

All children aged 12-15 years old are welcome and can book an appointment via the National Booking System or just Walk-in. We ask that all children are accompanied by a parent or guardian otherwise we are unable to vaccinate your child.

Upon arrival your child is met by one of our friendly staff who will ensure all paperwork is ready, you will then be seen by a registered nurse vaccinator with children’s experience. The nurse will assess your child and make sure they are well enough on the day to receive their vaccine.

We are unable to vaccinate your child if they have recently tested positive for COVID and we ask that you wait 28 days after a positive result before you bring them to the clinic for vaccination.

Your child will receive their Covid Vaccine in the top of their arm, it’s a very quick process and many children are used to vaccinations from having them at school.

 After they receive their vaccine, we ask them to stay for 15 minutes to ensure they do not have a reaction, we provide refreshments, sweets and biscuits which seem to be well received not only by the child but the parent/guardian too!

If your child feels faint, we have some gym mats which they can lie down on and we can even vaccinate your child lying down if that’s what they would prefer.

We are pleased that we have been able to support the School’s Immunisation Team in delivering this important vaccine to the children and young people and look forward to welcoming your child to our clinic.

Written by Sally-Ann Marciano, Vaccination Clinical Lead at ECG 09/11/21