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Hi there, my name is Nina Preston, and I have worked for ECG for 11years now.

I first joined ECG as a freelance trainer whilst working as a full time Technician then Paramedic for EMAS. In 2008 when I started, I was delivering Basic Life Support locally to GP surgeries and then enjoyed being involved in the very first few vaccine courses we delivered all those years ago. In the past few years I have been a member of the Clinical team and my current role is that of Trainer Engagement Officer (TEO). Within this role my responsibilities include allocation of trainers to deliver sessions to a variety of clients across the country, Key Account Holder for two of our top twenty clients – liaising with the clients biannually to ensure that they are happy with the service we provide. I have also developed an internal quality assessment process to help maintain the quality of training delivered by our 60+ freelance trainers. Course reviews are also something that I get involved with when required. I am also responsible for recruiting new freelance trainers, managing their induction and assessment and developing our existing trainers to help meet the ever-evolving needs of the company. I do this on a part-time basis and keep very busy in my own time.

I moved to a new house last year and am aiming for the ‘good life’ – growing my own vegetables making jams and attempting to make our own cider, which has not been successful to date, but we have had great fun trying!

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Written by Nina Preston (Trainer Engagement Officer – TEO), Tuesday 21st May 2019