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My name is Kaitee and I’m a freelance Clinical Trainer for ECG. I joined the company in March 2019

This is a little about me:

What your role at ECG – Freelance Clinical Trainer

How long you have worked with us – Since March 2019

What you enjoy about ECG – The family feel of the company. You’re treated with respect and kindness and as a person rather than just a number. I also love the flexibility.

About me: Before ECG, I worked as a pharmacy tech, travelled all over the world as a flight attendant for virgin, been a ballet and drama teacher, a police officer, and now a paramedic. I love learning, so I am always trying something new; whether that be languages, ice skating, fitness, or dance. I also love reading, anything to do with neurology! In my spare time you will find me in the gym doing a class, at a rehearsal for something either dance or acting related or out and about shopping!

Written by Kaitee, Wednesday 8th May 2019