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My name is James Briggs and I’m a Clinical Trainer for ECG. I joined the company in June 2018 following a sixteen year career as a Paramedic, during which time I worked for three separate ambulance services in England and Australia. Although I am employed as a full time trainer with ECG,  I still retain a bank contract as a Paramedic with South Central Ambulance Service, working shifts as and when I can. This ensures my practical and theoretical skills and knowledge are kept up to date.

As a Clinical Trainer I am required to deliver a wide variety of training to numerous clients. I regularly deliver Basic Life Support and Immediate Life Support courses to clients including the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) and Hertfordshire Community Health Service (HCHS). In addition to these regular courses I also deliver training in venepuncture, 12 lead ecg recording and interpretation, Anaphylaxis recognition and management, defibrillation and vaccination training to large pharmaceutical companies such as Boots and Superdrug.

I enjoy working for ECG because of the variety of courses I get to teach, and also the wide range of clients I get to meet, who come from a host of different clinical backgrounds. ECG is a nationwide company, which means I get to travel all around the United Kingdom delivering training from all sorts of venues. These can be anything from large conference rooms to small dental practices, and the number of delegates on these courses can range from a handful up to thirty. This can present numerous challenges for a trainer, but is something I enjoy because it means that I have to adapt my teaching style from one course to the next. This helps to keep me motivated and enthusiastic, to ensure all delegates, no matter how big or small the group is, fully understand the course content and get involved as much as possible. At the end of a course I find it very rewarding to see delegates go away more confident and knowledgeable, than when they arrived at the start of the day.

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Written by James Briggs, Thursday 2nd May 2019