Meet a trainer

We asked Marius, one of our trainers to say a bit more about his clinical experience and the work that he does with us:

“I have been a freelance ECG clinical instructor since September 2016 and proudly deliver BLS, ILS, ECG recording & interpretation, vaccine and venepuncture training to healthcare professionals around the UK.


Feedback from our vaccine clients

Each year ECG has trained more and more Pharmacists in vaccine training. The feedback we receive is excellent and our trainers are very committed to delivery a high standard of training.

We hope that our HQ and Clinical Team equally support this service offered to a very wide range of clients now. This year it looks like we will be training around 10,000 Pharmacists. That’s great!

We asked Dipen from Pharmaplus Ltd to comment on their experience of using our services over the past 4 years, this is what he said:


A Day in The Life of a Vaccine Trainer

This week I returned to the world of delivering a Vaccine Training session for ECG. Having been on maternity leave for the last year and returning to work in recent weeks in the ECG office as a Clinical Advisor, it was brilliant to return to being hands on for the day in a training session. So here is a bit of an insight into the role of the vaccine trainer.


Maintaining your AED

The automated external defibrillator (AED) has been described as the single most important development in the treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). These devices are now widely available and increasingly used by people, often with little or no training, to re-start the heart of a victim of SCA. Their increasing presence in workplaces is brilliant news for victims. To ensure the AED remains ready for an emergency, proper maintenance is required. The good news though, is the amount of maintenance they require is minimal.


Valneva launches innovative programme to improve the availability of comprehensive health services for UK travellers

LONDON – A significant proportion of people from the United Kingdom currently seek no health advice before travelling abroad due to a lack of awareness of, and access to, comprehensive health support. So today, as part of their on-going investment in the UK travel health sector, Valneva UK Limited is announcing the imminent launch of the VIP (Valneva in Partnership) programme, an all-inclusive programme of tools, assets and resources carefully designed to support pharmacies to offer a comprehensive travel health service.


Do You Want More Locum Pharmacist Work?

Locate a Locum is an online booking platform that allows pharmacists, like you, to search and apply for locum work, in the areas of their choosing. You can search for locum shifts in relation to your preferred date, rate and location.


Chaperoning in General Practice

Within General Practice, the use of chaperones is widespread and is continuing to grow. Guidance has been created from the General Medical Council, Royal College of Nursing, Medical Protection Society and the CQC. Every practice should have a Chaperone Policy and it is important it is implemented fully.


Sarah – Young people working at ECG

 I have been with ECG training for a number of years now. I first started when I was 16 helping out after school. Then when I decided to take a year out before going to university at Oxford Brookes I worked here also and now come back in the holidays to help out in any way I can.


Sepsis Survivor blog – Dave Carson

Four years ago when I came out of a three week long coma as a result of sepsis that had escalated to septic shock and multiple organ failure I was told that I would lose both of my legs and that the tops of my fingers would be damaged.


Orlagh – Life as a young ECG member

I recently graduated from the University of Northampton and now work part time as a Clinical and Pitch-Side Sports Therapist.  However, it was apparent (from my bank account) that I needed another income source. I worked at ECG Training last summer and I was very eager to re-join the group.

ECG is such a lovely company to work for.