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I love the fact that nothing stands still in business and healthcare! Luckily our team at ECG have the energy, commitment and passion to keep up and even take the lead.

The start of 2018 saw some significant changes to the business in terms of structure, goals and business objectives, enabling us to focus more strategically on where we want the business to go.

We spent time looking at what we were doing well and where we could improve for our clients. We agreed that we love the variety that working with the NHS, private healthcare organisations and community pharmacy gives us as a team. We also recognised that we have so much to offer in terms of experience and expertise amongst everyone in our HQ and clinical training team.

So to summarise what we have been doing so far this year!

Added value to our vaccine training with incorporating the option of Strep A training

This has been met with such enthusiasm amongst community pharmacists and we are excited to see how many offer this test and treat service. I published an article about setting up the service in Today’s Pharmacist. I wonder if this will also soon become a commissioned service!?

Launched a significant nationwide programme of vaccine courses

Last year we successfully trialled running some nationwide ‘open’ courses which were popular, so this year we have hugely increased the locations and volumes, which has been a great success for many of our clients. We are now offering a short refresher course for those experienced vaccinators, as well as a longer session for those either new to vaccines, or who want top upskill to offer travel health services.

Introduced blended learning options for our BLS and Phlebotomy training

This was in response to clients wanting reduced face to face time, our clinical team created an e-learning package that the clients work through to cover theoretical parts of the training. Then they attend a shorter practical session face to face, without affecting the standard of training.

Increased our portfolio of ELearning courses

With our new partners, in Nimble, we have now launched a wider range of Elearning options for our clients which include:

  • 12 Lead ECG Recording
  • Basic Life Support Level 1
  • Basic Life Support Level 2
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Throat Swabbing for Strep A
  • Venepuncture (Phlebotomy)

For further information and to purchase one of these hot off the press courses, as well as a host of others, please visit our Online Catalogue Page.

New Clinical Assessment & Rapid Diagnostics course

With the help of some pharmacists and pre-regs from Superdrug we recently piloted this course. This gives pharmacists the skills to clinically assess their patients who present as unwell, it also gives them the skills required to offer a wide range of ‘Test & Treat’ services.

Infant vaccination training

We have added this to the training for some clients who now have the confidence and desire to vaccinate infants, great for increasing revenue and being able to vaccinate ‘the whole family’ in travel health clinics.

Phlebotomy training for pharmacists

Our experienced clinical trainers have now started to deliver this course to pharmacists, how exciting to see them upskilling for potential new services within the community.

RCGP Accreditation

Great start to the year in gaining this accreditation for the training we offer with our GP Practices.

New look to ECG!!!!

This is very exciting for us!! After 16 years in business, we decided it was time to update our image to reflect the work we now do with our clients. We will soon be launching a brand new website and a fresh new branding for the business! We will also soon be moving to a new exciting office space in a stunning historic area of Milton Keynes (yes there are historic areas!). This will enable us to hold more training courses on-site for larger groups and keeps our ‘quirky’ style of office space which we love.

We have so much more planned for the rest of the year so will update you as we go………………………………………..

Written by Jane Lambert (CEO), Friday 3rd August 2018