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Relentlessly protect your data from ransomware.

Ransomware is a growing threat to your business, and the consequences of an attack could be devastating—from critical data loss and business downtime to lost revenue and damage to your reputation. Worse, should you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your data back. In fact, in about half of all reported cases, businesses didn’t. In 2016, cyber criminals extorted an astounding $1B from businesses, globally. And, experts suggest the scale of ransomware attacks are on the increase. How will you make sure you’re not among the victims?

Your ransomware defence strategy isn’t enough.

Simply put, network security won’t fully protect your network. To truly safeguard your vital business systems and patient’s personal data, you must adopt a three-pronged ransomware prevention and remediation strategy.

1: End user education –

97% of all threats today are cleverly distributed by tricking end users.

Educate yourself and staff members and you’ll fortify your first line of defence.

  • Spot phishing schemes
  • Adopt data security best practices
  • Regularly update software

2: Endpoint security –

The digital economy demands mobility, yet mobility introduces network vulnerability.

The answer—a multi-layered endpoint security ecosystem.

  • Email security
  • Mobile device security
  • Default Deny Anti Malware and Intrusion Detection

3: Backup and recovery –

You can’t prevent every ransomware attack, but you can render attackers powerless with a robust backup and recovery solution.

Curatrix Technologies who are partnered with Arcserve can provide the best practices and technical insight you need to assure recovery:

  • Ensure backup redundancy onsite, offsite, offline, and to the cloud
  • Test and validate backups

Case Study:

Real-world ransomware recovery story –

Crippled medical clinic fully recovers—with zero data loss.

A mid-sized medical clinic found itself in trouble when an attacker not only installed a cryptowall variant, but deleted applications and personal data.

“We immediately brought virtual servers back online in our hypervisor, recovered to disk, and were back up-and-running in 36 hours with absolutely no data loss.”

This was made possible by having a strong disaster and recovery plan in place.

Outsmart ransomware attackers –

Curatrix Technologies partnered with Arcserve Unified Data Protection.

Get the unparalleled flexibility you need to protect against ransomware, while meeting the unique needs of your business:

  • Effortlessly deploy Arcserve as a software, appliance, or cloud solution
  • Protect physical and virtual data, no matter where it lives—onsite, offsite, offline, and in the cloud
  • Recover your data from file-based and image-based backups, or continuously available solutions
  • Instantly stand-up critical applications with virtual standby or Instant Virtual Machine
  • Easily scale your backup and recovery coverage as your organisation grows—from 1TB to 1PB, and beyond And, do it all from a single, elegantly simple management console

Ensure you are protected –

Contact Curatrix Technologies your local Arcserve representative on 033 3241 2226 or email

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Written by Curatrix Technologies, Wednesday 15th August 2018