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The Last 4 months of the year can be very difficult for anyone living with obesity. There are so many religious and national festivals Rosh Hashanah, Halloween, Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The constant worry about the temptations of food and eating with family.

2020 has made it difficult for everyone, Muslims struggled with lockdown when they faced Eid in May. A time associated with family celebrations and plentiful delicious food, many imagined that lockdown restrictions would be lifted before September and all would be normal – Unfortunately no such luck.
This year some festivals have coincided with a second lockdown. In some areas, only essential items have been available for sale which has given greater emphasis on food.

The big family celebrations may not happen but the emphasis on food and comfort eating can be difficult to ignore, the shops are already full with sweets, biscuits, mince pies and fancy Christmas foods and desserts. For many, being stuck at home has given people the time and chance to test and sample Christmas goods. Coffee shops are already selling Christmas specials with some large options containing 600 calories for a festive flavour.

So what is the best way to face the festive season without throwing caution to the wind?

  • Allow yourself treats but don’t have them in unlimited quantities 
  • Concentrate eating at the meal table and choose food that needs cutlery.
  • Consider all food including drinks; Alcohol and juices can be as calorific as food. Have in moderation.
  • Try to get some exercise outside of the home. That post lunch walk may make you feel better. Walk the dog. You might both enjoy it.
  • Drink plenty of water. You may feel less hungry and will recover from alcohol more quickly 
  • Have fresh fruit available so that you have an alternative to sweets 

Remember it won’t last forever and you can turn over a new leaf in January.

Written by Toni Jenkins ( ECG Obesity Specialist Nurse), Tuesday 1st December 2020