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As a healthcare professional, we are taught to use our skills and knowledge in a practical environment. However, you can also transfer all your experience and specialism to training. As a trainer you will work with a number of different professionals, giving them the insight of your practical knowledge, explain and describe how it can be applied to a working environment. Training others is a very rewarding and exciting role, as you learn to expand your own abilities and take a different approach to ensure every learner meets the objectives set for that session.

Working as a freelance trainer, gives you the flexibility and choice of when and what subjects you would prefer to deliver (obviously, you need to be able to demonstrate your ability).  As we are a company that delivers training nationwide, we are looking for trainers across the UK, however, you get to decide how far you are willing to travel.

The process of becoming an ECG freelance trainer, is a structured but stress-free. Complete your application online at . Our operations manager will be in contact to provide some information about ECG and what you can expect, when working with us.

I will then arrange a date and time to go through an interview, it is very informal with a few questions regarding your career and experience. We discuss what courses you would be interested in delivering and the distance you are prepared to travel. If successful at this stage, we then arrange a mutually beneficial time for you to observe an ECG trainer. They will be delivering a session you would like to become a trainer in. This gives you the opportunity to observe the ECG deliver training and to become familiar with our resources, the ethos of training and our documentation.

If you enjoyed the training observed and feel comfortable with the learning materials, the next stage would be for you to deliver the subject. One of our established trainers will observe you and give peer feedback.

You may wish to attend to a couple of courses and be observed a multiple of times to ensure you feel ready to go out on your own. We accept this may be a requirement and we are happy to support individual needs.

Once you have completed the observation process and been signed off to facilitate training, then you will be a freelance trainer with ECG.

We will send you emails requesting your availability to deliver training for upcoming courses, this is not just Monday to Friday 9-5, it also includes weekends and evenings, which enables us to offer flexibility.

We are a fantastic team who work hard but also know how to support and make people feel welcome. If you would like to join our team, get filling in your application!!!

You can apply at