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My name is Sarah Hope and I am a Clinician Trainer for ECG. I joined ECG as a freelance trainer in March 2018 and became a full time Clinical Trainer in April 2019.  I am a registered Practitioner in Cardiac Physiology with an MSc in Echocardiography. I spent four years managing the Electrocardiography (ECG) services in a central London Hospital before starting with ECG Ltd.

I am passionate about clinical education and teaching, which led me to ECG Training. I love the shared passion and enthusiasm for teaching clinical skills here at ECG – all whilst ensuring the best standards of practice are met.

I enjoy working as a Clinical Trainer with ECG because it enables me to meet new people from a diverse range of backgrounds and make a positive impact on their clinical practice. By providing effective and engaging training, I hope to improve standards of care. I also enjoy teaching itself and delight in seeing the moment when learners grasp a concept or skill that they have previously been unable to. I believe that teaching should be engaging, fun and works best in a friendly and relaxed environment that allows learners to achieve their best. It is incredibly rewarding to see learners become enthusiastic about their subject and to go away feeling more confident in their practice.

I also enjoy working for ECG is because I get to work as part of such a great team. Since going full time, a month ago, I have had the opportunity to spend time with my colleagues based at our head office and I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone. I have also had the opportunity to deliver courses alongside fellow Clinical Trainers and to observe their courses.  I feel incredibly lucky to work with such a friendly, kind and supportive team.

As well as delivering clinical training, I am responsible for reviewing existing courses and developing new courses. I have recently had the opportunity to write an online course on 12-lead ECG interpretation for General Practitioners, which will be coming out soon. I am extremely enthusiastic about ECG interpretation and have thoroughly enjoyed writing this course – I hope GPs across the country will enjoy it too!

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Written by Sarah Hope (ECG Clinical Trainer), Wednesday 15th May 2019