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Welcome to a new bi-monthly update of all things ECG.

As well as event updates, business information, news and blog posts we will be aiming to keep you in the loop on everything related to our Face to Face and Online training courses.

Sore Throat Test and Treat Course (F2F)

As of this morning, we have launched a new Sore Throat Test and Treat Course. This face to face course is designed to give pharmacists the enhanced skills to perform a Sore Throat Test and Treat Service.

The course includes enhanced clinical history taking, anatomy & physiology, physical assessment skills, lymph node palpation, throat swabbing, the use of a Rapid Antigen Test, differential diagnosis, recognition of red flags and the management of paediatrics. On completion of this course, you will be able to confidently undertake a safe consultation with a patient presenting with acute sore throat and guide them to the appropriate treatment.

To book onto this course and to find out more information, please [click here]

Update: Vaccination Course (With Strep A) (F2F)

From 2019 our previous Vaccine course (With Strep A) will now be replaced to include Infant Vaccination technique.

This updated open course covers all practical skills required to vaccinate adults, children and infants. You will also cover adverse reactions including anaphylaxis and basic life support for all ages.

And is suitable for Pharmacists that are – new to vaccines, wishing to upskill from just flu and who have had full training but are not regularly delivering vaccines.

We are also currently taking places for this new course to start on 20th January 2019. For further information and to find out more information on everything related to Vaccine training at ECG, please head over to the Vaccine home page, please [click here]

Chaperoning Demo (Online)


We are inundated with requests for our online Chaperoning course and now pleased to say we can offer this course at a very low price of £25 (inc VAT) along with a flexible online group option, we are now offering a free demo of this popular course! To view this course for yourself as well as have a look at the free demo available, please [click here]

Information Governance and Data Security (CSTF) (Online)

We recently launched a new Information Governance and Data Security (CSTF) to our online A-Z catalogue, a perfect course to work alongside our current GDPR Essentials.

This online course is aligned to Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF). This online course is designed to raise awareness for healthcare organisations and staff and their responsibilities in using and safeguarding sensitive information data.

Find out more [click here]

(CSTF) Alignment

Throughout November myself and the Clinical Team have worked diligently to update our online A-Z catalogue. This also included updating a large selection of the online catalogue to current CSTF standards, 2018. All these courses and more can be purchased by visiting the online portal section: [click here]

It is exciting times here at ECG and we are delighted with the new products and services we are able to offer you. Keep up to date with our latest news on our website, news and blog or simply give us a call in the office on 0845 423 8993.

Written by Alan Williams, Friday 30th November 2018