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We were recently invited to attend and take part in the annual Day Lewis conference event.

After working alongside Day Lewis throughout 2018 to facilitate pharmacist and staff training in Vaccines we were looking forward to spending the day meeting and greeting all those we had diligently worked alongside.

From the outset you can definitely tell Day Lewis is a company that cares for their staff, customers and clients and this showed by hosting a very busy and informative itinerary on the day. Including conferences, events and although we could not attend we heard the Black Tie and Gala Evening was a delight.

The day itself saw ECG setting up and assisting Day Lewis staff, clients and customers with short bitesize demos of Strep A, each and every hour, whilst taking queries and questions on various Vaccine, PGD and Strep A related topics.

At the Conference Day I was lucky to go around the event meeting and interacting with all the customers I had supported through the year, gaining valuable comments and feedback we can reflect on and take into 2019:

“Flawless. I actually went to training feeling very scared and had to be assured by my RSM that all would be ok. I trusted both my RSM and support from ECG and was very happy. After training and great e-learning I have now vaccinated a total of 112 people in 2 months and couldn’t be happier. Thank you all, I’m very confident.”

“Email – simple management. Reminder email, helpful. Really good, informative and my trainer was really nice to me. Confident.”

“I liaison with Alan to book not only myself but others in my area and found the management of the booking to be great and liked the reminder email. Training was very good. Sophie was very friendly, content was up to date and relatable to her own experience. Great having a Paramedic train us. Practical elements were great.”

“Head office – organised. Good course in general. Informative, interactive, all the practical elements. I left confident and happy.”

“Dave – ex army was great, engaged well, even though only 2 people. Quite intense, interesting having 1 trainer. I felt confident even though English is not first language.”

“Perfect booking process. Really nice training. Informative. Practical. I was lead to answer correctly and think about what I was doing, never told.”

“Well organised when taking my request, I also liked the reminder email from ECG as I receive a lot of emails. Derek was good, enjoyable and didn’t take too long. Concise and learned a lot. Lots of practical elements.”

“My RSM booked me but I found the whole process organised. I liked it was on a Sunday and the trainer was amazing. Practical elements were great and I’d love to come back, thank you.”

“Helpful booking process from ECG, enjoyable, good training, learnt lots of new things even though I was experienced in vaccines and led by a very confident trainer.”

“Concise and informative training, demo and training by trainer really good, great practical elements and timing was perfect.”

We very much enjoyed hearing your feedback, training you in Strep A and working alongside your Vaccine training throughout 2018 and beyond.

From all of us at ECG, thank you and we look forward to training you in the future.

Written by Alan Williams, Wednesday 28th November 2018