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As COVID-19 continues to be headline news, you can forgive people for not taking time to consider their annual flu vaccinations. However, flu is still a concern and remains to be responsible for many deaths in the UK. This year’s target is to achieve 30 million flu vaccinations.

The best way to protect individuals against the flu, is the flu vaccine, it is important to remind customers that this will not protect against COVID-19, but it can reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalisation and ultimately, death. With NHS resources still required for COVID patients, less flu related hospitalisation will result in resources being readily available.

So, who is entitled to the flu vaccination on the NHS?

(Remember to always refer to your PDG as the guidance is changeable)

As of 8th September 2020, taken from

Children in at risk groups aged 6 months to less than 2 years

                Offer the QIVe (Quadrivalent inactive vaccine grown in eggs)

At risk children aged 2-3 years as of 31st August 2020

All children at primary school

All year 7 (secondary school) children

                Offer the LAIV (Live attenuated intranasal vaccine)

At risk adults aged 18-64, including pregnant women

Offer the QIVc (Quadrivalent inactive vaccine which is cell based) as an alternative you may offer QIVe)

Those aged 65 or over

Offer the aTIV (adjuvanted trivalent inactive vaccine) if not available the QIVc is suitable for this age group

People living with someone who is at high risk from coronavirus (on the NHS shielded patient list)

Frontline health or social care workers

                Offer the QIVc (Quadrivalent inactive vaccine which is cell based) as an alternative you may offer QIVe

A significant new group will be eligible for a free flu vaccine as people over 50-64 will be invited later in the season for a vaccination.

Ensure you are reminding those who would benefit from the flu vaccination, that you are offering the vaccine, you can find the latest easy read posters and leaflets at

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Written by Lisa Humble (ECG Clinical Development Manager), Wednesday 9th September 2020