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Non-registered vaccinators – are you using them?

Although many community pharmacies may not yet involved with administering Covid-19 vaccinations, the continuing demand and potential for annual boosters, means that many more of you soon will be.

You might be aware that the National Protocol states that you can use non-registered people to prepare, administer and record the covid vaccinations, as long as they are supervised by a registered and experienced healthcare professional such as a pharmacist.

The registered healthcare professional must take responsibility for assessing the patients for their suitability to be vaccinated under the national protocol.

At ECG we love being able to support community pharmacies, we hope everyone knows that by now!! We have been delighted to support the team at Jardines Pharmacy set up some of their covid vaccination hubs over the past few weeks.

We have now trained three groups of non-registered staff who are administering vaccinations under the supervision of a pharmacist. The enthusiasm and passion from these newly trained vaccinators is truly amazing.

One of them is a lady called Kate Hynes. Kate is the owner of a beauty business and has had to close her doors due to the covid restrictions. She wanted to do something to help with the covid crisis so I suggested she become a vaccinator.

Kate explains: “Being off work since December and lockdown number three has been really hard so I decided to volunteer. I thought about being a marshal at a local vaccination site but I never thought I’d get the opportunity to vaccinate people, so when I was offered the chance I was thrilled”

“The vaccination site was being set up in a pharmacy and the training was pretty straight forward. I was shown how to administer the vaccine, but the real learning has come from being on the job. There is a truly positive vibe at the centre, with most of the patients so pleased to be receiving their vaccinations. I’m so grateful for the opportunity”.

Jane Lambert, CEO of ECG Training states “It has been a real pleasure to see people who do not normally vaccinate learn a new skill that holds so much importance for everyone. I have also been out to see them ‘in action’ and feel so proud to see them administering the covid vaccinations with such professionalism and efficiency”.

Krishan, Director of Jardines Pharmacy said: “Working with ECG has enabled us to offer our local community access to covid vaccinations on their doorstep from our high street locations. Jane’s team delivered training to all our non-registered staff who are now working daily as vaccinators in our hubs. They have grown in confidence are playing such a vital role in the national effort to get as many people vaccinated in the shortest time as possible.” 

Written by Jane Lambert, RGN & CEO of ECG Training, Friday 5th March 2021