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Heart safe in the community.

Making the decision to become heart safe within the community is something that takes a lot of thought and planning. As a Company ECG teamed up with MK City Discovery Centre to get a Public access AED on site at Bradwell Abbey. This blog with give you the guidance and need to know for getting and AED all the way through to registering it with your local ambulance service.

You will need to source your AED along with its accessories, this includes:

  • The cabinet (if you chose to have it outside)
  • The mount (if you chose to have it in a building)
  • Adult and Paediatric pads
  • First aid kit with Razor, towel, tough cuts, tape and pocket mask

Once you have made the purchase you need to think about placement. Especially if it will be a public access AED.

Is it easy to find? Is it placed at a good level so it can be reached by most people? Are there any obstacles or obstructions that are likely to hinder accessing the AED?

Martek-Lifecare, Heartsafe, Medisave and Defibshop are just some of the place you can buy an AED from.

If you choose to have make your AED accessible to the public 24/7 it will need to be placed in a cabinet that is mounted to an external wall (An electrician can do this for you).

The cabinets are designed to keep the AED safe (if you choose a lockable cabinet) and at a safe temperature to allow the defib to work.

Once your AED is installed and ready to be used you will need to let your local ambulance trust know. If you are covered by two, then let both know (as we are!)
They will provide you with a form to complete or a link to an online form. The forms vary slightly but you will need to know the following:

  • Cabinet serial number (found on the bottom of the cabinet)
  • The lock code for the cabinet (if lockable this will be on the from of the cabinet when you get it. REMEMBER to remove it once installed)
  • The battery serial number and date (on the battery or the box it came in)
  • The AED serial number (on the AED or the box it came in)
  • Use by date of you AED pads (on the packet)
  • Point of contact for emergency services should they need information
  • Point of contact for the public should they need help finding it
  • Description of the AEDs location
  • Times of when it is accessible
  • Make and model of the AED and Cabinet

“We choose to be heart safe, will you?”

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on

Written by Jade Andrew (Business Development Manager), Friday 11th October 2019

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