History Taking with Consultation Skills

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Have you ever asked a patient about their medical history and received a grunt? Or even worse, a 30-year synopsis? Have you ever had a patient not disclose an important symptom? Have you ever started a patient interaction and gotten stuck on what to say next?

At ECG, we are committed to providing training that healthcare staff actually want and need. As a result, we are creating a History Taking with Consultation Skills Training course. The aim of this course is to provide clinicians with the opportunity to gain more knowledge on how to take a history and effectively communicate with patients. We intend to cover history-taking structures, open and closed questioning, non-verbal cues, rapport building, empathy, active listening, how mental state and mental health conditions can affect your interaction, and common pitfalls.

We will also look at the use of leading questions and bias in history taking. The session will last around a day (to be confirmed) and will involve both lectures and roleplay. We believe this course would be perfect for pharmacists, but we welcome any staff group to join! We will not focus on specific conditions but will cover how to effectively gather information.

If you are interested, please CLICK HERE to express your interest!