Fully Digital Intermediate ECG Interpretation course

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This intermediate level course is useful for ECG technicians, newly qualified physiologists, nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to develop a specialist knowledge of electrocardiography.

This course covers ECG recording (including electrode placement, ECG artefact, equipment maintenance and settings), ECG theory (including Einthoven’s triangle and Wilson’s central terminal), cardiac anatomy and pathologies, interpretation of the 12 lead ECG (covering the normal ECG, basic arrhythmias and conduction blocks), and identification of key ECG features of a range of conditions (such as long QT, cardiomyopathies, ischaemia/infarction and electrolyte abnormalities).

This course is ideal for those required to undertake or interpret ECGs within their clinical role, who have a sound basic knowledge of ECG and wish to develop their knowledge and skills in electrocardiography.

This course consists of two parts:

(1) ECG Recording online eLearning module – to be completed pre webinar

(2) Intermediate Interpretation webinar – with time to answer recording questions. (2.5 hours)

Please note, you will require:

  • Laptop with microphone and a video webcam (or a suitable smart phone with microphone and video capabilities)
  • Notepad/plain paper and pen

Please be aware by joining this webinar session your video feed will be visible to the other delegates in the booked session and our ECG trainer. ECG will not keep any data relating to your video feed and only the content delivered by the trainer will be recorded and stored in line with our Privacy Notice. We will be in touch with further help and guidance on how to access the webinar on the day and near the time of your training.

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