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Thursday 13th September 2018 marked a milestone for not only ECG Training but professionally for me as well; as I was nominated for ‘Elearning Professional of Year’ at the Nimble, Elearning Community Awards 2018.

Taking place in a beautiful country wide landscape at the nearby Stonehouse Court Hotel, Gloucestershire the whole day was run and organised by the fine folk at Nimble.

On arrival you are greeted with friendly, smiling faces of the team whom you work close by and as stated previously cannot recommend the teams support enough; not only personally but professionally – from the outset you can see the passion that runs through the team flows from your communication through the year to meeting them all in person.

The running order of the day consisted of various guest speakers, fellow e-learning customers and even a keynote by various Nimble team members followed by the second annual award ceremony – with breaks throughout to network with over 100 Nimble customers, you are definitely made to feel a part of the community. I also liked how on our name badge each customer had a green dot which represented how long of service you had been with Nimble i.e. 1 dot – 1 year, 3 dot’s – 3 years and so on; nice touch!

The morning started off with a keynote by Michelle Parry-Slater (Learning and Development Director from Kairos Modern Learning) and her discussions on ‘What does the future of learning look like?’ was a great starter to what was planning to be a very rewarding day. The message “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” rang through and it is something I shall take back with me to ECG Training. We are always about listening and innovating the new and old. Michelle also covered dynamic shifts in learning practice as well as effective evaluation, the use of data & metrics, motivation in self-directed learning and ethics and to close various evidence-based approaches. A very informative and fun talk indeed.

Following a light coffee/tea break we were back at our table’s this time partaking in a workshop ran by Matt Gofton (Senior Employer Engagement Manager at the CIPD). Matt’s workshop was an engaging affair and the content covered was a great insight into what CIPD has to offer whilst also getting us all to engage with each other and ask such questions as ‘what are we doing right/wrong in our company’, ‘what we can do better’ and most of all how CIPD/Nimble can better our learners.

Following Matt’s workshop and if you know Nimble you will know they value all of their customers! We had a collection of case studies told by the customers themselves:

  • Forest Holidays – a very fun and engaging talk on how Nimble has helped redefine their online e-learning training for health and safety in the company.
  • Espirita Workforce Solutions – a talk on Nimble and Espirita Workforce Solutions and how they are utilising the best of Nimble to not only further business and sales but also increase an already vast catalogue of courses.
  • Chant Productions – an already well established company and how using the Nimble e-learning platform was used to further this.
  • Charity Education for Health – how the charity has amassed in region of 13,000 learners through the use of the Nimble e-learning platform and what this means for the future of Charity Education for Health.

The afternoon was another busy affair this time covered by the Nimble staff themselves, as fellow customers we learnt about:

  • Improvements and developments of the Nimble marketplace
  • Updates on the new 2.0 update (excited for that one!)
  • Innovations available in the year ahead as customers and users of the Nimble e-learning platform
  • Personal accounts and gratitude from Alex Hathway (Sales and Marketing Director) and Neil Hyde (Director and co-founder)

The day came to a close with Nimble’s annual awards ceremony which celebrates “Nimble advocates who have created something highly engaging, as well as achieving impressive learning outcomes”. These awards have become a landmark feature that enhance the confidence of Nimble customers and celebrate everyone’s successes.

My colleague also joined me towards the end of the day in celebrating our success and had this to say on her experience on the remainder of the day:

“I felt it was a great day that really celebrated successes in e-learning. The shared ideas of how to use and implement online learning was really enlightening and it genuinely felt as though we are part of a community and not just an individual customer. It has really made me feel a lot more comfortable in engaging with Nimble and I really hope to be able to attend again!”.

In closing, the whole day was a great insight into Nimble and the platform we use daily at ECG Training. We are very proud of our e-learning catalogue and pride ourselves in using the Nimble e-learning platform. We do hope you are enjoying your time with all of our courses – we read all your feedback!

We are always looking to create, develop and continue to build upon our A-Z catalogue in 2018/2019 so do keep checking back for regular updates and if you are new to ECG Training there is no better time than to head over to our online courses portal below and start your e-learning today!

Key Sites: (main Nimble website) (A great source of content, how-to-guides and webinars for the Nimble platform architecture, LMS and graphics) (ECG Training’s A-Z Course Catalogue)

Written by Alan Williams, Friday 21st September 2018