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A big thanks to our partners at for the invite to the annual Learning Technologies Exhibition, London Excel 2019.

The day was packed full of exhibitions, conferences, networking events and key notes about the current and future technologies in the business world. From a number of exhibitors ranging in the 100’s and show casing the very best software, concepts and virtual reality tech through to the leading organisations in augmented reality, all through to a number of key personnel on hand to present full length conferences and Q&A’s there was so much to see and do. Although due to work schedule I was only able to attend the first day, you can see why you actually need two days to take it all in!

The day began with an introduction speech by Donald H Taylor (Chair, Learning Technologies) and the next 2 days proceedings. After an introduction, we were left to our tables to discuss what we want to get out of the next few days and what we want for the future. Although brief it was a good chance to talk to some like minded individuals and bounce off ideas first thing in the morning. As was most of the conference, if you were not talking tech, you were watching tech or trying tech for yourself and if you were not doing any of that then someone was talking to you about tech! Safe to say by evening’s end my brain was overhauled with ideas. Shortly thereafter:

Marcia Conner (CEO, Impact Ingenuity) took to the stage to start her opening address and with it kicking off Learning Technologies Exhibition, London 2019 (crowd cheered).

Her talk surrounded the Robot Revolution and us as humans understanding our own strengths and weaknesses instead of focusing on the technology thinking for us. It was a unique approach to the start of the conference.

Topics raised:

  • What can we do differently?
  • Robot revolution
  • What is your USP?
  • What sells you, what doesn’t
  • Your regrets
  • Ending questions and answers with both Donald and Marcia
    • Future of 2019:
      • Predictive analysis – retention
      • What’s important to us?
      • How to get the people to buy in?
      • Using data in learning?
      • Digital realities, 2019

After the first conference, I then took to the exhibition to meet, greet and introduce myself to an whole array of suppliers and providers at the event.

Sweet Rush VR

The first stand I came across was that of

Sweet Rush ethos of dream and create very much rings true in their presentation, skills and products on offer. After discussing my current needs in our organisation and how the team could assist, it wasn’t too long before I was trying out their latest virtual technology for myself and getting a real feel for a realistic scenario set in virtual reality. I tested out a health and safety setting in a car garage where I had to pick out and spot 5 different potential issues/accidents in the work place. All within 360 visual orientation and with the use of a handy joy-con I could easily select and interact with the world around me – rewarded only be the experience and a handy score sheet as I got it right.

The realism, control and usability of the product worked really well in the scenario it was trying to create and you could really sense it was a team and product they cared about.

Serious Factory

The next stand on my journey was

Serious Factory is an all-purpose virtual training suite. Serious Factory allows the end user to create and customise virtual drag and drop story board content which can then be downloaded as a movie or animation and can even be uploaded into various learning packages and learning management systems once complete. I was lucky enough to have a private tour of the package in use, even accommodating my requirement for a ‘health care setting’, in this case – a GP practice scenario.

A book by numbers approach of creation for your e-learning needs. A user simply starts with a blank canvas and simply builds on the interaction and content, a user has complete versatility and freedom to edit and create on the ‘fly, previewing, saving and editing as many times as the user wishes.

From creation to end product you could sense the simplicity was key in the approach and the interactive scenario that I then sat back and interacted with was definitely a worth while experience.

It’s a product I could very much use in my role and one I will be keeping an eye on in 2019.


Next up:

If you follow ECG Training and myself then you probably know we have a close partnership with Nimble.

Nimble is no ordinary elearning website; they make it super simple to create engaging courses and share them with your teams and customers. What’s more, their free training and support will rocket you towards success including topics, content and webinars to sign up to, you’ll be a master in no time.

When you sign up to Nimble you not only gain a simple and user friendly tool to create, edit and manage your customers elearning needs, you also get a dedicated team on hand to assist you throughout the year. With me popping along to this event it would of course meant I said hello to everyone at Nimble and even got a small private tour on the next incarnation of Nimble – Nimble 2.0.

Nimble 2.0, boding a more slicker and easier to use design as well as a number of features for the new version, it’s clear to see although brief in their presentation, Nimble have done well do build on an already well established platform.

Check out Nimble for yourself on

Linked In for E-learning

The next stand on my whistle top tour was that of LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn learning is a subscription based e-learning package for those within the LinkedIn Learning user base or even those just looking to complete bespoke, ad-hoc learning on the go. LinkedIn Learning has an array of courses available including videos, webinars and course content ranging from all sectors and businesses.

Networking and lunch

Thank you to the event organisers and Learning Technologies Exhibition, London 2019 for a buffet and selection of drinks. It was a great time to digest the day’s events and talk to like minded individuals and companies in the same role as myself as well as others.

Hype versus reality – how AR / VR is changing companies

After networking lunch and drinks, the next conference on my wish list was a joint presentation between Ryan Peterson (CEO & Co-Founder, Finger Food Studios) and James Barton (Online Learning Manager, Royal Mail). Ryan would be more discussing the theoretical aspects of AR and VR within his company whereby James would be going into how VR has now been invested and used within the Royal Mail learning and development team.

After a short introduction to both Ryan and James.

Ryan took to the helm to introduce how augmented reality is being used in his business and various partnerships he works alongside include car manufactures and famous software developers. It was very interesting to see how the likes of AR is furthering the future of businesses. Thanks to AR technology it is now easier and quicker to create design bespoke products from the first stages of implementation of CAD into a fully working AR design. What used to take months to create in the development cycle actually now takes a few days as companies and investors can see in real time the products they are creating and producing.

It was interesting to hear how developers used to use clay to create their design and how that could take up to 6 months only for an investor or business to see the prototype and say no. Long gone of days of drawn out plans with paper, pen and clay but replaced by efficient real time software you can show, edit and use in real time.

Next up, James and VR within Royal Mail.

A very entertaining and engaging presentation, James discussed how VR has assisted their learning and development team. Although still in the trail stages and currently only used on one training scenario i.e. ‘What to do when a dog approaches you when working for Royal Mail”. James showed the seriousness of how injuries are caused to their post men from dogs and incorrect training. By using a virtual reality setting you could really get a feel for the dangers they are put under and the dangers of incorrect training before they set out on duty

Topics raised:

  • Hyper versus reality – is AR/VR here to stay?
  • What difference does it make?
  • Are you at the forefront of change?
  • Microsoft hololens
  • 3D clay printing 6 months VS 3 days artificial printing
  • Digital transformation – 71% taking charge
  • Digital twin – downsizing your organisations
  • Build platforms not just apps
  • Increase revenue – reduce cost – reduce real time risk

Implementing a solution

  • Targeted
  • Realistic
  • Personal

Making the decision

  • Commercial
  • Practical
  • Avalanche platforms

Making it work

  • Formula process
  • Keep things simple – cost effective
  • Target deployment

Day Close

As the day wrapped up I then took to a small networking event, which was a good time to reflect and digest a very interesting but busy day and speak with fellow attendee’s about what we saw on the day.

Thank you to the event organisers and Learning Technologies Exhibition, London. I most definitely look forward to attending more events in the future.

Written by Alan Williams, Wednesday 20th February 2019