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Here at ECG Training we are celebrating 17 years in business and as a BIG thank you to all of our customers and clients through the years – old and new, our entire online catalogue is on sale for the whole month of June!

2018 was a great year for our online catalogue and in 2019 we have been excited to bring you a whole host of new and interactive online course content below, but be assured the rest of the year will be no different!

For more details on our Summer Sale, head over to the online catalogue home page at –

It’s also the perfect opportunity to update you and let you know of all the recent courses, updates and developments within ECG digital!

CPD Alignment

We are pleased to announce at the start of the year several courses were applied for and accredited towards CPD Alignment, these include:

  • 12 Lead ECG Basic Interpretation (online)
  • 12 Lead ECG Recording (online)
  • Anaphylaxis (online)
  • Basic Life Support Level 1 (online)
  • Basic Life Support Level 2 (online)
  • Infection Prevention and Control Level 2 (online)

Out now!

First Aid Training Course (online)

RRP: £25.00 / Sale: £15.00

This online course covers the basic requirements for first aid awareness. It acts as an ideal course for those new to first aid or anyone wanting a refresher. The course includes recognition and management of common injuries and illnesses including resuscitation and choking, wounds, fractures, burns, poisons, head injuries, anaphylaxis and much more.  With scenarios thrown in to challenge your knowledge, this interactive course will give you a great insight into managing a casualty.

Clinical Assessment for Community Pharmacists (online)

RRP: £25.00 / Sale: £15.00

This online course has been written specifically to help community pharmacists have the confidence to clinically assess unwell patients. It includes how to take a concise and clear history of the presenting complaint and then how to measure and interpret basic clinical observations including pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate, blood glucose and urinalysis. The course also includes an introduction to the scoring system National Early Warning System (NEWS) and depression screening for patients, how to handover and document your findings. The course also introduces the learner to the assessment of a patient with a minor ailment and looks at sore throats, the associated symptoms and red flags.

Medicines Management (online)

RRP: £25.00 / Sale: £15.00

Medicines Management is a key part of the role of all staff working within healthcare and has legal and professional requirements associated with it.

This course looks at the brand-new guidance issued in April 2019 that underpins the principles of safe storage, handling and administration of medicines and how it relates to your setting. This is suitable for all healthcare settings and staff and covers the legal and professional responsibilities, transport and transfer of medicines, the Falsified Medicines Directive, covert administration, transcribing and much more.

12 Lead ECG Basic Interpretation (CPD) (online)

RRP: £25.00 / Sale: £15.00

CPD Accredited. This online course covers how to interpret basic 12 lead ECG rhythms, ranging from Sinus Rhythm to ST elevation infarcts. It is suitable for beginners upwards as it covers an in depth 6 stage approach on how to interpret each rhythm individually and accurately. This course acts as an ideal course for those who are new to interpreting 12 lead ECGs and for those who require a refresher in order to boost their confidence and knowledge in this specialist area.

The course will cover basic anatomy and physiology of the heart, along with the cardiac cycle and conductivity of the heart in order to give the background knowledge to move on to rhythm strips. The course will lead you through a visual pathway of an array of rhythms with self-test points throughout to enable you to complete the course with newfound knowledge and confidence.

GP Staff Induction pack (online)

RRP: £125.00

Induction pack includes: Chaperoning in General Practice, Equality and Diversity (CSTF), Fire Safety Essentials (CSTF), General Data Protection Regulations, Health & Safety Essentials (CSTF) and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults.

To purchase this pack at a low price of £125.00 or if wish to discuss any of our current or future online courses available please contact the Customer Relations department on 0845 423 8993 or email us on mailto:

Safeguarding Children Level 1 (CSTF) (online)

RRP: £25.00 / Sale: £15.00

It is the responsibility of all staff to be familiar with their role and responsibilities around safeguarding children. This course provides an introduction to the key concepts and principles of safeguarding children; to make you aware of the risks and forms of abuse that children face, and to help you understand your role in recognising signs of abuse and reporting suspicion. This course is designed to align with the objectives for safeguarding children level 1 as defined in the Core Skills Training Framework. This course covers a variety of child protection issues and is suitable for anyone who comes into contact, in particular staff working within healthcare settings.

Safeguarding Children Level 2 (CSTF) (online)

RRP: £25.00 / Sale: £15.00

This safeguarding course provides staff with a more detailed understanding of the issues associated with safeguarding children and child protection. It is designed to align with the objectives for safeguarding children level 2 as defined in the Core Skills Training Framework and is the minimum level for clinical staff who have some degree of contact with children and young people and / or parents/ carers. Please note, clinical staff working with children, young people and/or their parents/carers and who could potentially contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and evaluating the needs of a child or young person and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding/child protection concerns, will require a higher level of training.

Coming Soon

12 Lead ECG Interpretation for General Practitioners

This course is designed specifically for General Practitioners but would be suitable for healthcare professionals with a reasonable knowledge of cardiology and ideally (but not essentially) some experience in interpreting ECGs. This course gives learners the fundamentals of basic cardiac electrophysiology and an intermediate level of knowledge of 12-lead ECG theory, with a focus on practical interpretation skills. Learners will be taught to recognise a normal ECG and to both measure and interpret relevant intervals and values. This course covers a wide range of common pathologies which can be identified on the ECG. The 12-Lead ECG Interpretation for General Practitioners course is useful to refresh or develop your knowledge on a key skill in primary care.

If you purchase multiple orders, please contact to setup multiple online access.

Please note, Summer Sale 2019 excludes any and all purchases of our GP Staff Induction pack (online) and Throat Swabbing for Strep A (online).

Written by Alan Williams (Digital Development Manager), Monday 3rd June 2019.

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