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As a freelance trainer you’ll be required to deliver a wide variety of training to ECG’s numerous clients. This could be anything from Basic Life Support and Immediate Life Support to Vaccination and Phlebotomy.

Working for ECG not only gives you the opportunity to teach such courses but at the same time you get to train a wide range of clients who come from a host of clinical backgrounds. One day you could be delivering training to large pharmaceutical companies such as Boots and Superdrug, and the next day you could be training GP’s in how to perform CPR. Because of this you’ll be working in a variety of venues such as large conference rooms at well-known hotels to smaller venues such as dental practices. The number of delegates on these courses can range from a handful up to thirty. As a trainer this can present numerous challenges but is ultimately rewarding as you have to adapt your teaching style based on the environment, you’re in and who you’re delivering training to. This variety will keep you motivated and enthusiastic when you deliver a course on behalf of ECG.

ECG is a nationwide company which gives the freelance trainer the flexibility to deliver courses in their local area or travel further afield to more distant locations if they so wish.

As a company that recruits trainers from a predominantly Nursing and Paramedic background, you’ll be working alongside like minded people who are happy to share their experiences with you and bring these into the training environment. Working as a freelance trainer gives you the opportunity to further, your knowledge and experience, and also to keep your continuing professional development up to date.

Written by James Briggs (ECG Trainer), Wednesday 4th September 2019

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