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My name’s Orlagh and as well as having the role of Business Support at ECG, I am also a Sports Therapist and work with a local Rugby team.

Rugby, being as physical as it is, leads to all sorts of injuries varying from muscle tears and sprained ligaments to lesions and broken bones.  All of which fluctuate in the amount of support and intervention needed.

Basic life support (BLS) we train is very important knowledge to have when working on pitch side for a sports team. You are not only looking after the players but all the spectators at the venue as well. In emergency situations immediate action such as CPR (Resuscitation) is required, especially if an ambulance isn’t able to arrive straight away. Having the knowledge to perform CPR immediately decreases the patients chance of brain damage or death.

Doing a pitch side first aid course is very important when carrying out this role. A big section of this course was learning CPR and developing confidence on when and how to perform it. ECG’s training can help refresh and develop on my current knowledge of CPR. It is also important to continually keep up to date as the information can sometimes change.

Being Resus trained is so important for everyone – not only for health care professionals. Almost everyone can learn how to perform it. You never know when you might need it. Follow this link and purchase a Level 1 BLS online course now

Written by Orlagh Fagan, Friday 25th January 2019