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Happy Holidays from ECG training!

2019 has been another great whirlwind and 2020 is already looking bright!

As the year comes to an end, it is time to reflect on the year that was 2019.

2018 Plans

In 2018 our aim was to look and focus on expanding our nationwide open courses for both vaccine training and resuscitation training, providing easier access to training for many healthcare professionals, as well as looking at expanding our training portfolio for Pharmacists including face to face and online choices. Not only was the review a success, we knocked it out of the park, with the most recent announcement including a brand-new Pharmacist Hub just for you Pharmacists!


Recruited a higher than ever proportion of office staff including a new Operations Manager, Business Manager, Clinical Governance Lead, Senior Moving and Handling Instructor, new Clinical Trainer to join our dedicated in-house training team and with myself being promoted to the new Digital Development Manager and Sophie McCracken, Clinical Development Manager, our team is stronger than ever! Also, with all that recruitment we had a complete office move restructure – we are all very happy in our new home.

Pharmacists in 2019

Again, we had the largest number of pharmacists ever trained by ECG! In 2019 we trained 12,000 healthcare professionals; we are aiming to beat that this year so will soon be able to announce our final figures soon!

ISO, 2019

Passed our ISO, 2019 accreditation with flying colours! Well done everyone!

The Pharmacist Hub –

To end 2019, we were very proud to announce our brand-new Pharmacy Hub! Hosted on our brilliant IamRedGiraffe platform. The new Hub is your new home from home includes courses, online access, videos, content and guidance in your role as a Pharmacist.

Award Winning Year and 3 years with Nimble eLearning!

Some could say it was an award-winning year for ECG. As not only Jane Lambert (CEO) nominated for Women Leaders Award and myself, Alan was also nominated for Nimble eLearning Professional of the Year!

Beating out tough competition, we were pleased to say we both won and took the awards home! We were also finalist in the SME Business Awards 2019 for Website Business of the Year!

Whilst Sophie and I were at the awards we also presented to the Nimble Community all about how you can progress your services using Nimble eLearning and the great partnership between ECG and Nimble. Video of our thoughts below.


ECG’s/Boots First 350 Delegate Training Session

Nothing withstanding and fresh in her new role as Operations Manager, Clara Travers organised and over-seen our first ever ECG’s/Boots 350 Delegate Training Session! Ensuring that our 34 fabulous trainers (who are normally scattered across the UK) arrived to start the day, the event ran flawlessly and as you can imagine is no easy feat with over 350 delegates being trained in both Injection Technique and a Resuscitation techniques. Well done to everyone on the day and Clara Travers, Operations Manager for organising a very successful event.

New Packages / New Online Courses

2019 saw a major shift into digital development including both in our A-Z online catalogue and our brand-new online packages, this includes:

Online Courses

  • Clinical Assessment for NHS Community Pharmacists Consultation (Update)
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • Dementia Awareness
  • First Aid Training
  • Information Governance and Data Security
  • Medicines Management
  • Vaccine Training Online (Update)

Online Courses

  • Aesthetics (Combined Foundation and Advanced Botox)
  • Ear Assessment & Treatment Training One Stop Shop
  • GP Staff Induction pack (1 person only)
  • Pharmacy Weight Loss Clinic One Stop Shop
  • Strep A Test & Treat Service One Stop Shop Shop
  • x3 Travel Health eTool packages as partnership with PharmaDoctor UK
  • UTI Training for Community Packages

New Face to Face Training

  • Clinical Assessment for Community Pharmacists including face to face training and full online access

Strengthen and created new Partnerships

Created some fantastic partnerships to be able to offer more comprehensive service for our customers, including developing travel health partnerships and the provision of PGDs. Including:

We Went Global!

We also made sure to get out and about this year, with presentations and exhibitions in London, Birmingham, Scotland, Poland and even Marbella.

We were lucky to present and attend:

  • Pharmacy Forum, Marbella
  • Pharmacy Forward, Birmingham
  • Pharmacy Show, Birmingham
  • Learning Technologies Summer Conference, London
  • Digital Futures, Milton Keynes

Closing out 2019!

To reflect, 2019 was another great year for ECG – awards, new staff, supporting new & old clients to our very best and even revolutionary decisions both out in the field and the digital landscape. But to now see our weekly project board (sometimes daily!) completely empty, is proof of how hardworking our team really is!

And makes me proud to work here.

2020 is already in the bag!

Exciting year ahead.

Great work everyone! ????

Written by Alan Williams Digital Development Manager, Friday 20th December 2019

@ECG_MK #busyisntit