Young people working at ECG

Ewen is one of three young people helping us in the office over the summer, we asked him to write a few words about what this experience means to him…..

After finishing my GCSE’s this summer I began the hunt for a summer job as many people in my position, with an extra-long summer break tend to do.

Knowing ECG from dropping mum off at work through the countless summers previously, I decided to ask if there was any work going around that I could do through the summer. Luckily there was lots.

I must say that I was shocked when I first started working here as to just how hard the entirety of the staff work. Being thrust into an environment that is so different from the education system was although daunting, refreshing. This shift in focus from doing stuff for the sake of doing it to this stuff being important has not only helped me really get on top of my somewhat flaky time management ability but has also helped excite me about coming into work every day.

Being able to see a physical result from your work that you can then see how that affects the business in its entirety is not only rewarding but also helps keep me motivated to just keep working.

And then we come to people skills. One of my biggest downfalls is my inability to communicate with people I don’t know. However having to do this to be able to do the tasks I’m set effectively has helped me grow and develop my ability to talk to and communicate with others. A skill that has desperately needed work for years now.

So all I can now really say is that working at ECG over this summer has helped me build those skills and attributes I was lacking in which should hopefully let me succeed in my a levels as well as making some much needed finances on the side.

Written by Ewen aged 16