Why we love what we do – CPR training

This week we heard of an incredible story about a pharmacist who attended one of our courses earlier this month and part of that course involved resuscitation training. Just 2 days later his skills were put to the test for real when a gentleman collapsed nearby.

The pharmacist rapidly assessed the patient and commenced CPR. When the ambulance arrived, the patient was stabilised on scene and then airlifted to hospital where he underwent further emergency treatment. The cardiologist who looked after him, is certain that the speedy and confident actions taken on scene that day by the pharmacist, directly saved this man’s life. We are overjoyed to hear this amazing news.

This is a great example of why we really love what we do. As nurses or paramedics, our trainers have that hands experience that really enriches the training session. The passion we hold for saving lives is second to none. This is what drives us to work so hard every day, the more people that know these important skills, the more people will be saved.

Ensure your CPR and first aid skills are up to date. Contact our office if you need any advice and we will be happy to help. We offer a whole range of options to cover your needs. If you have previously attended training then it might be time to refresh your skills? We cover CPR training for adults and children and you can practise on the appropriate sized manikins!

We send our best wishes to the patient involved and wish him a speedy recovery and to the pharmacist who delivered CPR we say a huge well done and you should be immensely proud of yourself. We are so pleased you had just attended your training, we hope it helped you to deal with this situation.

 Written by Sophie McCracken 16th March 2017