Venepuncture Training For Nurses - Skills Need To Be Kept Up-To-Date

Venepuncture training for nurses is what you might be looking at right now. Many nurses and other healthcare professionals have received training in phlebotomy and venepuncture. However, depending on the time that has passed and the number of times the procedure has been performed recently, they may not be comfortable with performing phlebotomy or a venepuncture.

As with everything, competency has to be maintained through regular usage of skills – if not, then mistakes happen and confidence is lost. This can be problematic as some healthcare professionals can see up to 100 patients daily during drop-in sessions where venepuncture is needed. Phlebotomy services in particular have become strained due to cuts and shortages of staff – requiring even GPs to provide phlebotomy and venepuncture services instead. Although many phlebotomists were initially trained in venepuncture, nurses have been called on to take up these duties in many cases. As a result, many modern nurses have never received sufficient training in venepuncture. Others with plenty of practical experience in other areas may have neglected venepuncture skills through a lack of usage. Because of this lack of regular practice, supervision and assessment in venepuncture techniques, competence is difficult to maintain. With so much strain on the system, it would be sensible for nurses to add venepuncture training to their repertoire. This type of medical training would be valued at a time where there is a shortage of such skills. However, with your hours limited due to a busy schedule, how would you be able to fit such training into your already full day?

You needn't worry as venepuncture training for nurses is not hugely time-consuming. Much of the learning is done on-the-job. With ECG's venepuncture courses for primary healthcare professionals, you will be able to develop the necessary skills to perform the procedure correctly and with confidence. Add more value to your skillset today by booking your place on our course. Just visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, call 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.