Venepuncture Courses UK – Are They Worth Attending?

Venepuncture courses UK wide is something that many nurses look up to find out if the subject is something they should learn. As with any career, additional skills learned through training can only enhance your career skillset and your CV. For this reason alone, learning how to perform the venepuncture procedure is definitely a good idea.

However, there are other reasons why venepuncture training should be taken up by nurses. Training in venepuncture can remove a lot of pressure from your workplace. Take, for example, residential units. When patients in residential units require phlebotomy or IV therapies, they often have to be moved to emergency departments in acute hospitals. This can result from conditions as simple as dehydration or localised infections. This obviously requires a lot of effort and will be disruptive to the patient and to the unit itself. However, if the venepuncture procedure can be performed at the residential unit instead, it saves the resident from having to be moved to a hospital. This not only saves your staff time, but it also reduces stress on the resident by allowing them to receive treatment in familiar surroundings. It is also helpful to midwives, for instance, as it allows the patient/ client to be treated at a location of their choice without having to attend a hospital or healthcare facility. For this reason, many midwives and nurses have now received medical training in both venepuncture and IV cannulation procedures.

If you haven't attended venepuncture courses UK based as of yet, don't worry. With ECG's venepuncture open course for primary caregivers, we can provide the materials to help guide you to the required learning outcomes. To find out more, to book your place on a course, or to arrange for a course to be held on-site for your employees, please head over to https://ecgtraining.co.uk/. You can also email us via enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk or call today on 0845 423 8993.