Vaccination Training For Nurses - Ways To Perform Vaccinations Safely

Vaccination training for nurses – both flu and travel vaccinations – are still very much given at the primary care level within the NHS. Despite a major surge in the number of private pharmacies and travel clinics, most people still turn to primary care nurses in order to get their holiday injections.

Many nurses have had to develop these skills to cope with the strain put on the healthcare system in recent years. However, some nurses are left in the situation of either never having had vaccination training or not having had the opportunity to update their medical training in vaccinations and immunisation for quite some time. For those in the latter group, it is recommended that you either book face-to-face training or an online training course – depending on your level of confidence and comfort with the immunisation process. It is very much advised that you do get face-to-face training as there have been considerable developments within immunisation programs in recent years. This is thanks to the increasingly potent and complex nature of vaccinations now being developed. However, these complexities have meant that a number of errors can happen during the administration of vaccines. While some of these errors can be due to the current pressures being felt by nurses within the primary care system, human error and poor organisation can also factor in. Good training in vaccination procedures will go over the storage and organisation processes involved with preparing a vaccination to negate the chances of these errors popping up during your work.

So whether you're a nurse returning to vaccination, or a nurse taking it up for the first time, ECG can help with our vaccination training for nurses. Delivered by experts with vast experience in the system, our training will help you gain and retain all the knowledge you need to know about travel and flu vaccinations. To book your place on the course today, just visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, give us a call on 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.