Travel Vaccination Training For Nurses - Why Is It Important?

Travel vaccination training for nurses may well be for a small part of consultation when it comes to travel healthcare, but it's obviously important to correctly and safely administer a number of different vaccines to patients. This also requires a knowledge of different diseases and the geographical locations where they are a risk.

Because of this, it's important that those performing vaccinations and immunisation are kept abreast of current advice on which vaccines should be given. Despite a proliferation of travel health clinics and pharmacies offering travel vaccination remedies, many holiday makers still rely on these services from within primary care. Application of these vaccinations is vitally important for reasons that extend even beyond the patient's own personal safety. If the patient is given an impotent vaccination due to it being administered beyond its expiration date, they may bring back a disease that poses a health risk to everyone they come into contact with on a daily basis. For this reason, vaccination training should be given to nurses performing this service. Nurses need to engage in a course of regular updates after initial medical training, in accordance with the Health Protection Agency's immunisation guidelines and Royal College of Nursing framework. This will allow nurses to feel knowledgeable and confident when it comes to the application of particular vaccines and when it comes to the process of administering the vaccines. Nurses need not be experts in all things related to travel, but they should be competent in their vaccination skills.

ECG's travel vaccination training for nurses is perfect for nurses who are learning how to apply vaccinations for the first time, and for nurses who need a refresher. Our team of trainers have worked extensively in the field performing vaccinations and we are known for being market leaders in this area. To book our course today, just visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, phone us on 0845 423 8993 or send an email to enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.