Training To Give Injections - Training Drives Correct Procedures

Training to give injections under current UK guidelines is required by pharmacists working in the commercial market. This training should be updated every two years as mandatory. However, during that period, some staff – due to not performing many vaccinations, for instance – may become uncomfortable with remembering proper technique or may try to take shortcuts.

If you run a pharmacy, it is your responsibility to ensure your staff are not acting negligently, particularly in regards to such an invasive procedure as an injection. This need not only cover hygiene, but it can relate to procedure too. For example, some vaccinations require reconstitution via a diluent. The requirements for the storage of such vaccines may vary. Some staff may get into the habit of reconstituting vaccines prematurely. The UK government's Green Book, a publication to help keep practitioners updated on any changes in vaccination technique and procedure, advise that it is not good practice to reconstitute vaccinations in advance of usage. If this is the case, then the vaccine should be labelled with the time and date of the reconstitution, along with the initials of the person who performed the action. This ensures that they or a fellow pharmacist can determine if too much time has passed to use the vaccine. This is just one reason why regular refresher flu vaccination training is good practice. By keeping staff updated on medical training and changes in procedure, this ensures that your vaccination service is free of problems and from complaints; and is trusted by members of the local community who use the service.

But where can you find such training? Simple: with ECG. We've put together a theory course that helps with training to give injections, running alongside current governmental and NGO guidelines; as well as operating face-to-face courses. Either is perfect as a refresher or as part of a staff member's initial training. Just head on over to https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, give us a call on 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk for more information.