Why our trainers like training!

We asked Caroline to explain why she enjoys training for our company:

“I am a state registered Paramedic and have been working for ECG Training for three years now.  I had thought about trying my hand at training for some time as after being on the road for over 20 years the toll of long shifts, particularly night shifts was beginning to be felt.

Going into training seemed to be a natural progression as it keeps me involved in a profession that I love.  I have always enjoyed my job not only because of how rewarding it is but also because of the great people you get to work along side.

Its incredible the diversity of skills and knowledge that the other healthcare professionals have and also you find how much you have in common as people who are drawn to work in the healthcare service. I love training other healthcare professionals, they feel as passionately about health care as I do.

As a Paramedic I feel that our continued learning development really matters.  It is clear as a trainer of healthcare professionals that other healthcare practitioners feel exactly the same. Our CEO Jane is by profession a Nurse and she has a tremendous passion for the quality of our training and is also very hands on. 

The team in the Office work hard to ensure that all of us trainers have the equipment, paperwork and information that we need to get out there to our bookings well equipped and well informed.  It really is very rewarding to continue to work with such a variety of healthcare professionals”

Caroline’s account is mirrored by so many of our trainers, who do not want to or perhaps who can’t stay operational in the NHS but who still have the passion to improve healthcare via teaching.

Posted 23rd May 2017