Ten Top Tips for Basic Life Support!

Hello! And welcome to a new Ten Top Tips from the Clinical Support Team here at ECG.

Ten Top Tips for Basic Life Support

1. Pause
Check there is no danger before you approach to assess the situation.

2. “Are you alright?”
Shake their shoulders gently and talk to them.

3. Are they breathing?
Make sure you open the airway before you check whether they are breathing.

4. Dial 999
Get help straight away, if you’re on your own make the call yourself before starting compressions.

5. Chest compressions
Push down firmly twice every second.

6. Rescue breaths
Give 2 rescue breaths if you are trained and willing to do so, if not just carry on with the chest compressions.

7. AED – always ask for it!
AEDs can be used by anyone and may boost the survival rate up to 70%.

8. Team work
Chest compressions are tiring, aim to swap over every 2 minutes.

9. Who’s who?
Know what your role is in an emergency and where the equipment is.

10. Practice makes perfect
Keep your skills up to scratch by attending annual training.

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Written by Janet Brown 13th December 2017