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Strep A and Sore Throats

ECG will now be offering Strep A Test & Treat Training for no extra cost to those attending our full Vaccination Courses. Please check out the following blog to read all about this exciting venture!

The Facts

Group A streptococcus (Strep A) causes 15-30% of sore throats in children and 5-15% in adults.1 Yet studies suggest 62% of cases of acute sore throats are treated with antibiotics, despite usually resolving with no intervention.


Community pharmacists can conduct a test to detect Strep A in the throat, potentially reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics and the 1.2m doctor consultations per year for sore throats.

If the test is negative — indicative of a non-bacterial cause of a sore throat — appropriate self-treatment medicines can be sold.

If the test is positive — indicative of a bacterial cause of a sore throat — the patient can be referred for or offered antibiotic therapy and appropriate self-treatment medicines sold.

How we can help

As a market leader in vaccine training, we have decided to offer practical training, in how to swab a throat and use this product, as ‘added value’ during agreed vaccine training events.

We believe that Pharmacists will feel more comfortable and confident in offering this extra service if they have access to ‘hands on’ practice. Although online training can be an alternative way through

You can purchase recommended diagnostics needed for this service here too. In addition to being able to download lots of helpful marketing tools to get this service up and running, it really couldn’t be easier!

If you access this practical training along with your vaccine training, it may be that you can advertise out the flu vaccination service at the same time as this to help you reach your target audience as we enter the flu / sore throat season each year.

You could join one of our nationwide open vaccine courses to get access to this training or call us on 0845 423 8993 to discuss a bespoke training event for a group of you.

Our team of clinical trainers work hard to teach you these clinical skills, have the opportunity to practise and support your learning. Our clinical team in the office are also here to support any ongoing clinical questions you may have. Hopefully this reduces some barriers for you to start to offer a new service!

Written by Jane Lambert (CEO), 24th January 2018