Our ‘Saving Lives in MK’ Campaign

As a medical training company we spend most of our time delivering resuscitation or clinical skills training to healthcare professionals, whether it be nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dentists or their teams. We love the fact that we can influence better patient care and our dynamic nurse and paramedic trainers share plenty of their own clinical experiences.

Our CEO is a nurse and she has always been passionate about CPR training. From a young age she witnessed a family member in cardiac arrest and has always felt she wanted to strive to improve the chance of survival through good resuscitation attempts. To do this she recognises that it is also the ‘bystanders’ who perhaps first witness someone collapsing that need to know what to do.

Many people just ‘don’t get round to’ attending some first aid training, and plenty of people do not have the confidence to start CPR. We want to help train more people in Milton Keynes so ultimately more local people can get involved if they find someone collapsed.

There are so many more public access defibrillators around in villages, communities centres and shopping centres now that the more people who have the confidence to pick one up and use it in an emergency, the better the chance of survival for the victim.

As a company, we want to put something back into our local community and the year where we are celebrating Milton Keynes being 50 seems the ideal time to do it!

Therefore, launching this week – we will be offering two free CPR sessions every month to non-healthcare organisations, schools, businesses or friend groups to you if you are based in Milton Keynes. Our trainers will either come out to your suitable venue in Milton Keynes or we can invite you to our training venue in Cosgrove. We will cover CPR and how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)