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Support services for Pharmacies

Feedback from small multiple pharmacy contractors and independent pharmacists, has shown that they struggle to find time to cope with the professional and clinical governance tasks essential to maintaining pharmacy standards. In addition, the work involved in the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) often means that payments are not claimed in full or perhaps not claimed at all.

Our Head of Pharmacy Services has spent over 10 years working as Superintendent for a large pharmacy chain and has a wealth of experience with GPhC and NHSE Area Team inspections, writing and updating SOPs, and covering the work to claim the annual PQS payments.

Bespoke service

You will have the support from our pharmacist, and for day to day issues their own appointed Pharmacy Relationship Manager who will be their unique point of contact between your pharmacy and ECG.

For more technical questions and to provide expert guidance in completing compliance documentation you will have access either to our Superintendent Pharmacist or one of our specialist trainers.

Range of services

Our services can be tailored to the individual and can include:

  • Writing and updating SOPs for Essential, Advanced and Enhanced pharmacy services. Ensuring the SOPs are reviewed and updated every 2 years and ensuring new SOPs are in place when services are introduced or changes occur to the Pharmacy Contract.
  • Face-to-face visits to your pharmacy to advise on professional and clinical governance procedures which need to be in place. Visits will focus on standards looked at by GPhC and NHSE Area Team inspectors. Advice will be given on how to complete certain contractual requirements such as Pharmacy Practice leaflets, the annual Patient Safety Report and Complaints Report, the Community Pharmacy Patient Survey, and mandatory training courses for pharmacists and pharmacy staff.
  • Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) advice and support. This is now an essential service for all pharmacies and the work can appear onerous with some NHSE Area Teams requiring audit for each mandatory Health Promotion Campaign. ECG can support pharmacies to cover the standards in a simple way that fits in with the day to day operations of the pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) support. The current document detailing the work to cover payment is over 70 pages long and time consuming to work through. In addition the document is often released in the autumn when pharmacies are faced with additional workload such as Flu vaccinations and winter pressures. Our pharmacist at ECG can work through the document for you, producing simple tasks for your pharmacy staff to complete in order to claim full payment in January. This will include advice on how to meet the Gateway criteria and individual domains including the PCN work.

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