ETool Travel Health Clinic

£499.00 (£598.80 inc. VAT)

This PharmaDoctor ETool is an innovative, digital system designed to help pharmacists set up a private travel vaccination clinic with minimum fuss and investment. It is suitable for Pharmacists only and is valid for 12 months from the activation date. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Patients who need to obtain protection against travel associated health risks can register their details online, or at the pharmacy, and based on their medical history and planned itinerary, the ETool will determine which vaccines and/or anti-malarials are recommended. The pharmacist is expected to supplement the information provided by the system, using their own knowledge as trained travel health clinicians, to help the patient decide which protection to get. Once a decision has been made, the pharmacist selects, on the ETool, the vaccines and/or anti-malarials the patient wants and dispenses the medication on the authority of a set of Patient Group Directions (PGDs) which accompany the ETool system.

Terms and Conditions

This PharmaDoctor ETool is suitable for Pharmacists only and is valid for 12 months from the activation date. Please check the conditions of use for the ETool below, as we will not be able to issue a refund for this purchase.

To use the ETool the pharmacist must have sourced and completed suitable practical vaccination skills training and online disease awareness training (available for free via the Valneva VIP programme).

The pharmacist will be asked to submit a declaration of their competency in their PharmaDoctor account.

On receipt of your payment, our team will be in touch, by email, to confirm some details required before we can set up or add this to your PharmaDoctor account.

ECG collects personal information when you place an order for products or services. We will use this information to provide the services requested and maintain training records. Personal information will be shared with PharmaDoctor for the purposes of providing the ETool and PDGs. [/read]

For information on our customer service policy (including cancellations) and how we use your data, please click here.

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