Ear Wax Removal


Do you feel that your ears are blocked?  Or has your doctor or nurse recommended ear wax removal? Our experienced nurse can assess your ears, and if recommended can perform your ear irrigation (syringing) in one or both ears.

This is for the consultation only. If ear irrigation is recommended, the cost of this consultation will be deducted from your treatment cost, which are advertised below:

£32 for one ear

£46 for both ears

Suitable for people aged 12yr upwards

General Ear Care:

  • Wax is normal – it provides protection for your ears.
  • Your ears should be self cleaning. If you use COTTON BUDS to try and remove the wax, it will only be pushed further down the ear canal and block your ear.
  •  If you have repeated problems with wax blocking your ears, using olive oil drops regularly may prevent this.
  •  Your ears should only be cleaned by a nurse trained in ear care as she is able to see into your ear canals – you are unable to do this.
  • If you have ear problems such as dry skin, eczema, dermatitis, ‘runny ears’, you will find that keeping your ears dry will improve the condition.
  • The easiest way to keep your ears dry when bathing or showering is by using ear plugs or a piece of cotton wool smeared with Vaseline.
  • It is advisable not to leave cotton wool in your ear unless advised to by your ear care nurse.
  • If you have problems with your ears, don’t ignore them. Make an appointment to see your practice nurse. If you ignore the problem it can make it more difficult to treat

Before your appointment:

In order to soften ear wax prior to removal, most patients find that applying 1-2 drops of room-temperature olive oil for 3-4 nights prior to an appointment is helpful.

Don’t forget to tell the nurse if you have:

  • had a perforation
  • a history of mucoidal discharge in the last year
  • had a middle ear infection in the last 6 weeks
  • had problems following irrigation previously
  • had previous ear surgery
  • pain/tenderness of the ear at the time of your appointment

To book:
To book, add to cart and purchase your consultation below. Once payment is accepted, one of our clinic coordinators will call you back (during Mon-Fri 08:30-16:30hrs) to confirm a time and date for your Consultation. Your appointment/s will take place at our new on-site Bradwell Abbey Clinic.

Bookings are subject to ECG’s General Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed here.

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