Phlebotomy Course For Nurses – Why Undertake One?

Phlebotomy course for nurses may not be something you have thought about undertaking so far during your nursing career. However, there are many advantages to taking a bit of time out of the workplace and picking up a new skill. This brief article outlines what’s involved and the benefits it can have for you.

Phlebotomy is a process in which the vein is punctured with a needle to gain access to the body’s blood supply to carry out some medical procedure, such as administering a treatment or taking a blood sample for analysis. This skilled procedure must be carried out with the utmost care. Not only are you performing an intrusive procedure on a patient, but also blood represents a potential biohazard and so requires very careful and specific handling. However, undertaking such venepuncture training to learn how to carry out phlebotomy safely and considerately will increase your skills and confidence in performing the procedure. Phlebotomy skills are increasingly sought after in the medical profession too, so can really enhance your career options. Someone who can carry out venepuncture can find employment in many nursing and wider medical fields, from hospitals and outpatient clinics to doctors’ surgeries; and perhaps less obvious settings such as private residential homes, blood donor organisations and so on. While there is no formal certification or qualification needed for becoming a phlebotomist, it is still a skilled and important role. So if you require medical training courses that deliver venepuncture skills, look for a reputable and established provider.

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