Pharmacist Vaccination Training - A Niche Market

Pharmacist vaccination training is something that every pharmacy manager should consider offering to their staff. While many pharmacy managers are worried about the initial cost of setting up a vaccination service, it could be that you are also missing out on a great revenue stream for your pharmacy.

It's thought that only a small percentage of pharmacies offer travel vaccination – usually the high-street brand ones. Travel vaccination, however, offers diversification from the local competition who may not be offering such a service to the local community. So many people far prefer local amenities to having to travel to get a particular service. High numbers of individuals and families are now holidaying in more far-flung parts of the world. Therefore, there will be potential customers living close to your pharmacy who would appreciate being able to get their travel vaccinations without having to disrupt their routine too much to do so. Clever marketing of your pharmacy to customers who come through the door is also important. For example, during holiday periods you should be sure to remind customers coming through the door that you offer travel vaccinations. If you look to also offer flu vaccinations through the UK government-sponsored scheme, this is also a great way to raise the profile of your travel vaccination service. But before you think of offering such a service, you need to make sure that you have staff who are trained to be able to provide immunisation and vaccine injections. To meet mandatory and good practice guidelines, all staff should be provided with face-to-face vaccination training, as well as medical training in basic life support.

At ECG, we're here to help first-time vaccinators through our pharmacist vaccination training programme. We can provide a face-to-face and online training package to ensure that you and your pharmacists are taught everything you need to know about vaccination. To find out more, just drop us an email via enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk, by calling our office at 0845 423 8993 or by visiting https://ecgtraining.co.uk/.