Pharmacist Flu Vaccine Training Performed Regularly Prevents Errors

Pharmacist flu vaccine training is mandatory in the UK for pharmacists looking to offer vaccinations. This should be updated every two years with face-to-face training. But what about the two-year period between these training sessions? During this intervening period, it is common for errors to slip into a pharmacist's work.

Despite pharmacists receiving all the required medical training to provide a competent vaccination service, procedure becomes less stringent when training is not as common. Mistakes can be made, lapses in concentration happen, shortcuts are taken – because of this, errors become more likely. Issues involving storage and handling of vaccines can happen more often that they should. This can have serious consequences such as loss of money on spoiled vaccinations; negative publicity and/or word-of-mouth feedback; and, crucially, patients may get seriously ill as a result of not being properly vaccinated from the flu. Administration of the vaccine also has its own set of errors – such as usage of expired vaccine, incorrect dosages, improper placement of an injection or using the wrong vaccine or diluent. Even documentation can be filled with errors – such as not recording all information required or recording incorrect information. If you're worried that your staff are full of holes – don't be! It's unlikely that all your staff will be doing everything wrong. However, it is abundantly clear that regularly scheduled flu vaccination training can help negate these costly errors. If you are running a pharmacy that is offering flu vaccinations, it is your responsibility to ensure that your staff are delivering a high standard of service.

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