Orlagh – Life as a young ECG member

I recently graduated from the University of Northampton and now work part time as a Clinical and Pitch-Side Sports Therapist.  However, it was apparent (from my bank account) that I needed another income source. I worked at ECG Training last summer and I was very eager to re-join the group.

ECG is such a lovely company to work for.

Every member of staff has individually helped me to develop from being a not so self-assured student to a confident worker. This has been from compliments on my work etiquette, increasing my involvement in the company and overall interest in my personal life. Without their support, I would not be as confident as I am now.

I started here as a pack maker and did little jobs around the office. I have recently been promoted to more administration based work. This has really developed my understanding of the company and the jobs each person carries out.

It gave me a bigger insight into how hard each individual member works. I never understood the level and complexity of their jobs until now. However, the atmosphere in the office is still so calm and friendly. The company has improved my ability to work as a team by giving me this administration job. It has allowed me to develop on my communication skills at a more professional level. This will benefit me in all aspects of my life but will especially help with the future jobs I intend on doing. 

However, it hasn’t all been plane sailing. One thing I have found hard to adapt to is working 9-5. At university, my day would start at 7am for lectures and then I would be back in bed by 2pm. 5pm my revision would start. As you can tell, my sleep routine was completely different from the norm. This took time to change but I think I have now accomplished it.

Written by Orlagh – ECG