The MK Midnight Moo

Supporting Willen Hospice this year at The MK Midnight Moo event on Saturday night was a real highlight for us! Our team were there to provide the opportunity of free CPR and defibrillation training, in line with our ‘Saving Lives in MK’ Campaign to celebrate Milton Keynes being 50 years old!

With over 1000 people there we certainly had lots of interest. Our team managed to get some Police Officers, the MKFM DJ and the Midnight Moo Mascot (Florence the cow) to also have a go.

Although we met absolutely loads of nurses who are already up to date, it was good to see them all supporting such a good cause. Lots of other people seemed curious and wanted to know more and ‘give it a go’. We also gave away some small cards summarising what to do in an emergency, we hope people take a few minutes to read and learn!

Our team spoke to lots of people about our Saving Lives in MK Campaign and urged them to make contact with us if they would be to be considered for a free CPR and defibrillation training course this year.

I personally have never attended the MK Midnight Moo event before but was amazed at the scale of it (this year there were 22 honorary men!) with well over a thousand women. It was well organised, lots of activities for people to do during the registration process and before they started the walk.

The MKFM entertainment and warm up was excellent and I’ll never see the intu centre in the same way again! The ‘gold’ theme was well accepted with some brilliant costumes and lots of determination to support Willen Hospice. The best news of all was that they raised over £100K from the event – now that is impressive!

If Sarah will have us then I think we’ll be back again next year and we may even take part in the walk too!

 Written by Jane Lambert (CEO) 19th July 2017