Injection Certification Training Also Teaches Your Staff To Problem Solve

Injection certification training is a mandatory requirement for any pharmacist or healthcare professional to be able to perform flu vaccinations. Regular certification training is required to keep up standards and compliance. But certification training covers more than just thinking about hygiene and proper injection techniques.

Staff only need to receive flu vaccination training face-to-face every two years to ensure their vaccination injection skills are up-to-date and adequate. However, other types of errors and consistencies can set in that aren't to do with injection administration and training. For example, all staff performing such an injection must be given the proper medical training to ensure that they properly recognise how important it is to report any deviance in the storage temperature of vaccinations for injection. Over time, vaccines degrade and if they are stored outside the ideal temperature range, they may lose their potency. This could have serious ramifications if that person begins to suffer from flu-like symptoms while under the impression that they are protected. This means that the responsibility to spot these discrepancies is down to staff, possible with consistent training on this matter. Regular vigilance of storage temperatures are, therefore, vital and should be an important part of any training. Also, it is not uncommon for complaints to be made where some practitioners mix different vaccines in the one syringe to avoid having to administer more than one injection. This may be for the benefit of the recipient, but it can have unknown effects on the potency of both constituents used in the injections. This is why training courses and certification in immunisation, injection and vaccine management is important.

It should be clear: regular injection certification training and training refreshers are crucial. Thankfully, ECG is here to help with mandatory and refresher training courses. We carry these out both online and face-to-face; and the latter courses are CPD certified. To book a place on our popular training courses, don't delay: visit https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, call 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.