Flu Vaccination Training For Pharmacists - What Are The Mandatory Requirements?

Flu vaccination training for pharmacists has become more sought after in recent years. Due to many different providers now offering flu vaccinations outside of the NHS, private pharmacies are ensuring that their staff have received the adequate training to be able to offer the service to their customers. But what exactly are the mandatory requirements for offering such vaccinations?

Guidelines come from many different health NGOs and organisations, but mandatory guidelines are issued by the UK government's Department of Health. Pharmacists must complete flu vaccination training and pharmacies must provide this support for their staff. NHS England has stated that those pharmacists providing flu jabs must attend face-to-face training every two years that covers both basic life support and injection technique training. For pharmacies, it's critically important to ensure that your staff are able to demonstrate their competence on a regular basis. Services providing private flu vaccinations must also be aware that staff may be required to vaccinate a minimum number of people in a year, otherwise they will be required to re-do their training. This should be verified with your private PGD provider. Private refreshers can also be arranged via online to help your staff retain knowledge before busy periods. Keep in mind that you will not be the only pharmacy seeking training, so make sure to book with a quality medical training provider sooner rather than later.

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