Flu Training - Keep Your Vaccination Staff Up-To-Date

Flu training with vaccinations is an extremely important service. Previously provided by the NHS, now the market has been opened up to private pharmacies. While this can be viewed from one perspective as a new market to be tapped into, on the other hand it is a way to try and encourage better uptake of flu jabs. This holds particularly among those who are under-65 and at risk.

With flu vaccinations far more visible than ever, it is hoped that more people will take up such jabs. For this reason, it's essential your staff receive flu vaccination training that has satisfied the mandatory levels set out by the government. With flu circulation generally at its peak during December, it's important to make sure your staff are prepared for this, the busiest period of the year for vaccinations. While mandatory rules state that staff performing flu vaccinations need only be trained in the relevant procedures every two years, it is good practice to offer a refresher course to keep staff up-to-date – this can usually be done via an online medical training website. This is best done before the first cold snap to ensure staff are prepared for that busy winter flu season. Why is it important? Well, confusion can easily occur due to uncertainty when it comes to, for example, remembering the differences between products. The Fluarix and Fluenz Tetra brands are both different vaccinations; one is a nasal vaccination (Fluenz) while another is an arm injected vaccination (Fluarix) for those at risk, 65s and over, children and pregnant women. Mistakes like this have, can and will be made – so a refresher course can help reduce risk.

Our experienced team at ECG offer face-to-face mandatory flu training for vaccination staff. We have also constructed a theory-based online course that can either be used in conjunction with the face-to-face course or as a distance refresher during non-mandatory training years. To book our training today, just head to https://ecgtraining.co.uk/, call 0845 423 8993 or email enquiries@ecgtraining.co.uk.